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But first....Coffee!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

It is only fitting that the first blog post for my new business is about one of my favorite things in the entire world, coffee! I found what appeared to be a cabinet discarded in a dumpster. I don't know about you, but I love to go dumpster diving! If you're patient you can find some of the best pieces. This gem appeared to be a cabinet. I took her home and began to sand and take the layers of paint and old veneer off. Once I removed the cabinet doors I knew I had found our coffee bar.

After sanding, removing the doors, and popping the sides off this cabinet I decided to bring my wife into the mix. Together we tried several different colors of stain and paint. The combination of colors we decided on was Tinsmith Gray for the top stain and a combination of charcoal grey automotive paint for the base with a dusting of light grey chalk paint over top. We distressed the sides and allowed the natural distressed wood grain to show through on the shelves and front. The final step was to make custom feet. Check out to up close picture of the feet below.

Take aways from this project are to try to repurpose those old pieces of furniture before you trash them! Most of the time they have lots of life left. Don't be afraid to layer paint or stain to achieve the look you're going for. Have fun being creative! Be sure to check out our video on how we made this beauty over on Instagram.

Finished Coffee Bar

Dumpster Treasure

Custom Feet

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